Trio Elf

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Last Show: Monday 2 nd July 2018

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Trio Elf is one of the most internationally acclaimed German jazz groups, having been honored with the Bremen Jazz Award 2016, and having recently received a full page feature in renowned US jazz magazine, Downbeat - the only German band to ever receive such coverage. Trio Elf has truly re-invented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years by using grooves and sounds of contemporary club styles as a kickoff for improvisation. Their warm acoustic sound is augmented by the creative use of electronics. 

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"Trio Elf continues its signature exploration of the best of what’s out there in the world of sound“


The band's musical ease stems from melodies of an almost hymnic quality, dazzling rhythms and surprising dynamic shifts from the three equal voices. Critics in Europe, USA and Japan have hailed their inspired interplay. "Trio Elf is part of a new German jazz generation. They are unearthing what once made jazz so great: Risk, new sounds and bursts of energy“ Hamburger Abendblatt Gerwin Eisenhauer's virtuoso drumming sounds like a drum machine come alive. He freely improvises with drum'n'bass or hip-hop grooves like any legend of jazz drumming would do with the swing rhythm. Walter Lang is one of Europe's most prestigious pianists and a celebrated star in Japan. His lyrically expressive melodies and energetic chords testify to his enormous musical versatility and creative spark. Peter Cudek is internationally acclaimed for his unique virtuoso style on the acoustic bass. He effortlessly and instantly shifts from melodious counterpoint to deep synth-like grooves in the low register.