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Last Show: Saturday 11 th June 2022

PizzaExpress Live (Birmingham)

TRIONIQ’s live show is a showcase of stellar musicianship with Rob Harris (Jamiroquai) on guitar, Iwan VanHetten (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) playing both keyboards and trumpet, and bass ace Paul Turner (Jamiroquai). All of the band’s songs are written, produced and recorded by the 3 highly skilled musicians & producers. On stage the band is augmented with the incredible singer Shean Williams (vocalist with Craig David) and Ryan Aston on drums. In 2022 TRIONIQ will be releasing ‘One Deux Tres’ which will also be available as a Limited Edition vinyl album. Come and see one of UK's finest bands play live.   

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Three seasoned artists, songwriters, producers, and touring musicians Iwan VanHetten (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters) Rob Harris (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Beverly Knight) and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai, Sister Sledge, Brother Strut) have joined forces in an exiting band TRIONIQ. The trio have gathered numerous accolades throughout their individual careers, playing on a string of hits and performing worldwide. Following their first E.P. ‘1’, the band’s new release ‘Deux' showcases their love of soulful expression and groove based playing, captured ‘in the moment’. All songs were recorded live in the studio in one take. As Rob points out: “We don’t want to over-think or over-produce our music, just record it - and if it feels good it IS good!” 

TRIONIQ’s latest album entitled ‘One Deux Tres’ is set for release in 2022 and features some of the finest musicians in the music industry as guests such as Ash Soan, Shean Williams, Sola Akingbola and Ryan Aston. 

TRIONIQ’s vinyl release ‘One Deux Tres’ brings together brand new songs as well as tracks from their EPs ‘One’ and ‘Deux’. TRIONIQ has put together a crowd funding campaign through QRates which allows you to pre-order your copy of this exclusive pink vinyl album. ORDER LINK: