Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground

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Last Show: Saturday 11 th June 2022

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground perform original modern jazz with contemporary classical influences. Compositions are by pianist Vladimir Miller and arranged by the band, whose writing is largely stimulated by post 1950's jazz, modern classical and  Eastern European music traditions. Evocative melodies weave into captivating improvisations lending itself to engaging and exciting live performances. Audience members have described their music as "captivating", "excellent musicianship", "high in energy and free spirited". 

“The solos he plays on originals such as ‘Between Two Storms’ are expressive and fleeced with a composer’s instinct for form”.

John L Walters. The Guardian

Experience and skilful musicianship combine to form the basis of this quartet. It includes Madras born Les Booth (six- string conga bass), who has worked with many well know artist including the legendary singer Billy Eckstine. On drums we have Guyanian born Dave Rohoman, well known on London jazz scene for many years,  began his career after being spotted by Ian Dury, who persuaded him to join The Kilburns. Adrian Northover (alto and soprano saxes), performs regularly on the European improvisation scene and is an expert on the music conduction technique. Vladimir Miller has been composer and MD for the celebrated Moscow Composers' Orchestra, and more recently written for the Krugly Big Band Orchestra and The Dinner Party trio. He has toured in many countries in various ensembles including Japan, Italy, France, Austria,  Germany and the UK. 

The Quartet will perform tracks from their new album 'Kurakin's Diary' released early this year on ASC records.

The pieces focus and reflect on a diary discovered recently that was written during the early 1950's in Chile. Written by Constantine Kurakin, a Russain aristocrat, reminisces about life in Russia and Ukraine in the early 20th century, and escaping the turmoil of revolution and civil war, meeting his future wife, Fatima Ulagay, whilst crossing many borders via Contantinople. They lived briefly in Paris in the late 20's and early 30's, eventually reaching and settling in Santiago, Chile. The diary itself is an exceptional personal recollection of thoughts and views written in a type of free verse poetic form with intermitent drawings and sketches. It's uniquenes is perhaps the story it tells of a time that was challenging, dramatic and tragic, his nostagia for his homeland country that never left his mind. 


Band Lineup

Vlad Miller (piano)
Les Booth (six-string electric bass)
Dave Rohoman (drums)
Adrian Northover (saxes)