Wendy Waters Rites Words

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Tuesday 3 rd September 2019

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Louise Burke, Frank Loman and Lauren Lovejoy together with Ricardo Nunes Fernandes on the piano, will perform songs from 'Alexander, Fred & The Last Tale'. An evening of books and lyrics, all written by an incredible Wendy Waters. Music for 'Alexander & Fred' written by Wendy Waters & Ian Camilleri, and for 'The Last Tale' by Shanon D. Whitelock.

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ALEXANDER is a Book Musical based on the life of Alexander the Great seen through the eyes of his four closest companions: Hephastion his 2IC, Olympias his mother, Bagoas his servant and Roxanne his wife.

FRED is a modern-day Book Musical set in an inner-city apartment block. Three lonely women living side-by-side rarely open their doors or their hearts to one another until the power in the building fails and an electrician called Fred arrives to fix it. As he fixes the fuses, he also fixes their lives.

THE LAST TALE is an exotic Book Musical set in Baghdad 800AD. Ten years after she has told the last of her 1001 Arabian Tales, Scheherazade is once again telling a story to save her life.