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Zenel Live

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Last Show: Saturday 12 th May 2018

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Zoe Pascal, Noah Stoneman and Laurence Wilkins met through the young jazz scene in London in prestigious jazz programs like the Junior Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music and Tomorrow´s Warriors. They got together in 2016 to create original music, applying their jazz improvisation background to a MIDI based electronic set up. 

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"They deliver, though, in the finest traditions of jazz: memorable tunes that are a cloak for complex, challenging and thrilling improvisations. Process Z is a bared-teeth cavalry charge that might have been cooked up by Jimi Hendrix with advisory input from Darth Vader. Laurence Wilkins’ electronically-modified trumpet carries the crushing energy of a lightning strike. After this, we’re relieved to find our limbs still intact.”

Cambridge Jazz Fest 2017, LondonJazzNews

This fresh sounding new young band has already wowed audiences at Love Supreme Festival 2017, London Jazz Festival under the #jazznewbloodALIVE2016 series, Sofar London, Cambridge Jazz Festival2016 & 2017, The Verdict (New Generation Jazz 2017), Lancaster Jazz Festival2017 and MFY PROMS2017 at the Royal Albert Hall. Despite their young age, their level of skill have earned them already positions on the Top 10 Best UK Young Drummer of the Year (2015, 2016 and 2017) and as a finalist at BBC Young Musician jazz award 2016.

"The initial, unavoidable, observation I made was their age – this is a trio of musicians not even old enough to buy a pint at a festival where they’re playing. The second observation, immediately perceived by the entire crowd, is the incongruous level of talent these young musicians exhibit. Coasting through track after track of original material, Noah Stoneman (keys/synth), Lawrence Wilkins (trumpet) and Zoe Pascal (drums) played as tightly and as comfortably as any act at Love Supreme. Their calculated and stylish inclusion of electronic elements throughout the performance was an early reminder that, like all genres, jazz is still changing."
Love Supreme Review,

"Stunning sold-out show... jaw-dropping brilliant cutting-edge music that would have satisfied all ages"
New Generation Jazz Review

Zoe Pascal (drums)

Noah Stoneman -(keys)

Laurence Wilkins  (trumpet/effects)