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PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Following a sold-out show in April, Alvorada are returning to PizzaExpress Live Holborn. Alvorada are the leading UK's performers of choro, a  rich and uplifting style of instrumental music from Brazil. This show sees them celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated debut album, which includes the band's original compositions alongside their interpretations of classic choros, old and new. Expect to hear playful, lively, expressive melodies combined with infectious rhythmic groove and virtuosic instrumental interaction.

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"The group manages to revitalize the soul of choro, with technicality and emotion. The ensemble is a proof that there are no boundaries or exclusivities in music. Alvorada is on my top list of Brazilian music ensembles."

Dr Vinicius de Carvalho, Kings College London

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Alvorada is a London based-band playing choro music of all styles - from the earliest classics to modern and contemporary pieces, choros with the irresistible swing of samba from south Brazil, to baião from the northeast. They also play their own original tunes, which display glimpses of their multicultural London influences. Today they launch their long-awaited debut album, which features music distilled from two years of intensive performing, exploration and development of their own original sound, deeply connected with and rooted inside the choro tradition.

Since forming in early 2016, Alvorada has emerged as vital presence on the Brazilian music scene in the UK. They have performed regularly across London and beyond, delighting audiences everywhere, who are often hearing choro for the first time. Equally, they have received acclaim from renowned Brazilian artists for their high levels of performance and their exploits in expanding awareness this lesser-known genre of music in the UK. The group has been shortlisted twice for the Brazilian International Press Awards.

Choro emerged in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century as a mixture of European harmony with African rhythm and improvisation, in a similar way to jazz, ragtime and tango. The word 'choro' comes from the Portuguese verb 'chorar', which means 'to cry'. Indeed, choro music certainly has its fair share of tear-inducing laments. But choro is mostly known for its lively, playful and syncopated melodies in the traditional setting of a 'roda'; that is, with musicians playing informally around the table in a bar, or the kitchen or garden of someone's home. Today, choro continues to thrive in Brazil and beyond, and can be seen played in rodas as well as concerts and festivals.

Band Lineup

Andrew Woolf (clarinet)

Rachel Hayter (flute)

Luiz Morais (seven-string guitar)

Jeremy Shaverin (cavaquinho)

Alua Nascimento (pandeiro)