Denver Cuss

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Piano Lounge (Covent Garden)

If you love the idea of jazz musicians playing soul, this duo is for you! With the thoughtfully curated solos and arrangements you'd associate with jazz and the smooth, easy listening of soul, this combination is sure to tantalise your ear and soothe your mind.

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Denver has been writing and playing music for over a decade now; having studied (and won awards) in Jazz Performance at the London College of Music, Denver is a seasoned professional. Denver wrote her debut EP aged 19 and has since undergone a complete rebrand, delving into the mid-century world of 1960s girl group vocals, vinyl production and an exciting new album, entitled Leaving Me, which will be released this summer. In this album, you'll clearly hear influences from Aaron Frazer, The Sha La Das, The Impressions, Sharon Jones, The Altons, and many more soul gems. Denver has been touring Europe as a backing vocalist and vocal arranger for other artists for a few years, and it's now her time to show you what she's made of. Her strong and soulful vocals and cerebral renditions of classics are the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal and a glass of something to wind down your week.