London Latin Jazz Fest

Eliane Correa & Yadira Ferrer present:

Música Alternativa Cubana

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Tuesday 17 th October 2023

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Eliane Correa and Yadira Ferrer are two powerhouses of Cuban music best known in the UK fortheir work together at the front of 12-piece Timba fusion orchestra La Evolución. For this year'sedition of the festival, they have joined forces to create a definitive songbook of the music dubbed“música alternativa” in Havana over the last two decades, a mix of timba, jazz, funk, pop andtraditional Cuban music. While the genre is alive and well in places like Madrid, Barcelona andMiami, this is a unique opportunity to hear this repertoire in the UK performed by a 7-piece of someof the UK's top Cuban musicians for whomúsica alternativahas been a natural part of the last 20years. The repertoire will include songs by the likes of Interactivo, Kelvis Ochoa, Habanabierta andDescemer Bueno as well as some original compositions by Yadira and Eliane interspersed in themix.

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Música Alternativa cubana is a genre that flourished around the turn of the millennium, asmusicians from Nueva Trova (singer-songwriter genre with strong links to the literary andintellectual scene) and musicians from genres considered “alternative” in Cuba such as rock, jazzand pop began composing on the basis of Cuban musical features as a common ground. A genrewithout a name was born, eventually being dubbed “música alternativa” for its melting pot, all-ideas-welcome identity, becoming a movement over the 2000s to 2010s. Most of these musicianshave emigrated from Cuba, but their music continues to be loved and supported by Cubans both onthe island and around the world.

Yadira Ferrer is a Cuban Barcelona-based soprano, jazz and Cuban music vocalist and composerwho has shared the stage with many of themúsica alternativaartists that this event pays homage to;Eliane, the festival curator, is a London-based Latinx pianist and composer whose projects Wara,En El Aire and La Evolución, as well as touring with Hans Zimmer and collaborating with an arrayof Cuban artists internationally, have earned her the status of one of the most established figures of Latin music in the UK.

This repertoire will only be performed at the London Latin Jazz Fest and is extremely unlikely to beheard anywhere else in the UK.