Instant Sunshine

David Barlow, Peter Christie and Alan Maryon Davis

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Last Show: Saturday 5 th August 2023

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Instant Sunshine returns to the Pheasantry with more music and songs to brighten a summer evening with laughter -  the perfect therapy to make you feel good. Instant Sunshine is a unique musical comedy team that has been entertaining audiences for years with their particular blend of humorous, witty songs and hilarious routines. They take a sideways look at every day life in a beguiling and very funny style all their own. They have played at festivals, and theatres throughout the UK and also delighted audiences on their travels around the world to New Zealand, Bermuda and Hong Kong. In New York they have played in Greenwich Village and even impressed the New York Times reviewer  - “Expert comic timing, genuinely literate cabaret”.  

“Their every second on stage is honed for comedy”

The Scotsman

Instant Sunshine has recorded over 100 songs of which three albums were with EMI at Abbey Road studio.  They performed regularly on BBC radio 4’s Stop the Week with Robert Robinson for 18 years and had many radio series of their own. One Christmas, the BBC broadcast a film on the history of Instant Sunshine, ”Roads to Stardom”. They have played in many and varied venues from the Albert Hall to Chichester Cathedral and written and performed many signature tunes on radio and television including Oneupmanship, Moneybox and One is Fun. They have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe regularly and had a sell out anniversary Concert at the Cadogan Hall, London with the release of a brand new album “ 50 Not Out” Now fully vaccinated and mask free  Instant Sunshine look forward to another evening at the Pheasantry.

Band Lineup

David Barlow

Peter Christie

Alan Maryon Davis