Mario Bakuna Band

Brazilian Landscapes

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

'Brazilian Landscapes' is the new project conceived by Mario Bakuna with arrangements by Mario Bakuna, Matheus Nova, Marcinho Pereira, and Sam Watts. The band will play reinterpretations of pieces by great composers such as Marcos Valle, Claudio Bertrami, Rique Pantoja, and the 'forrozeiro' Dominguinhos, in a remarkable performance that celebrates the best of Brazilian Music. 

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The album 'Brazilian landscapes' is the result of years of inspiration traveling throughout Brazil and experiencing its rhythmic and harmonic richness. The arid landscape in the Northeast of Brazil that's brought to the chorus of songs of forró, baião and xaxado. The African influence found in Ijexá. The popularity of Samba. The sophistication of Bossa Nova. 'Brazilian landscapes' is a painting of the culture and memory of the Brazilian people.

Band Lineup

Mario Bakuna (acoustic guitar and vocals)

Yoav Yenon (electric guitar)

Felippe Oliveira (bass)

Uccio Gaeta (drums)