Matt Ridley 'The Antidote'

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Last Show: Wednesday 28 th July 2021

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Brainchild of bassist and composer Matt Ridley, 'The Antidote' is a new and exciting quintet, bristling with young talent. Their eponymous album was recorded in October 2019, (yes, the name 'The Antidote' precedes the current Coronavirus crisis) where 12 tracks were cut over 3 days. Released on 23rd July 2021, 'The Antidote' combines and develops Matt's expansive cross-generational experience into a deeply accomplished album, his third as composer/bandleader.


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In this new music, Ridley draws upon a wide variety of influences; 'thinking man's' rock, contemporary jazz, simple, memorable folk melodies, and the detail, sensitivity, and emotional depth of Classical music. The result is 'The Antidote', remarkable for its depth, integrity, and refreshing insistence on strong melodic and thematic material. 

This special concert launches the album and band simultaneously, both having been a closely guarded secret until now due to lockdown.

Band Lineup

Matt Ridley (double bass)

Alex Hitchcock (saxophones)

Ant Law (guitar)

Tom Hewson (piano)

Marc Michel (drums)