'What’s the Vibe?'

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Last Show: Wednesday 12 th February 2020

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Momentum recently released their third album,'What’s the Vibe', featuring songs such as Hello Helsinki, Abracabus, Romanian Trance and Cheeky Half, to name but a few. The rest is a mystery, so come along and sample their exciting brand of world music and jazz.  Momentum are a six-piece, contemporary jazz-fusion band with two well received albums already to their name; 'Acton to New York' and more recently 'Singularity' with their songs an eclectic mix of Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Tango, Trance, Indo-Jazz, and some African flavours. Copies of the CD will be on sale at the gig.

In the words of bandleader Yosi Marshall: "Momentum are performing after a year, at this wonderful venue in the King's Road, Chelsea. We are delighted to have our very talented vocalist, Lonette back, after her maternity leave."

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" Momentum's jazzy, bluesy, Latiny tunes will get your feet shuffling and leave you smiling. Time spent with them always put me in a great mood!.. "

Beverley D'Silva (Sunday Times)

Momentum are a contemporary jazz-fusion 6 piece band. They have recorded 2 albums: 'Acton to New York' and recently 'Singularity'. The songs are an eclectic mix of jazz, flamenco, tango, Calypso and reggae.  Featuring the ubiquitous Yosi Marshall on saxes, clarinet and flute, the amazing Johnny P on bass and the gorgeous vocals of  Lonette Charles.  With the lovely Caroline Cooper on keys, talented Paul Viski on guitar and Lyn the Skin on drums/percussion. Momentum are constantly creating new material that they perform at every show, and will always surprise the audience with their inventiveness.


"Multi-instrumentalist Yosi Marshall brought his band Momentum to London’s famous Pheasantry Club in Chelsea for the launch of their new album, ‘What’s The Vibe’ on Wednesday 30th January. The room was full and expectations were high as the six-piece contemporary jazz-fusion band took to the stage. 

This, the band’s third album is an eclectic and atmospheric mix of Jazz, Fusion, Flamenco, Tango and Calypso and right away the band showed off their undisputed musical skills, featuring five numbers from the album in their first set starting with “Romanian Trance”, before going into “Funkadelic”, “Abracabus”, “Zakka Wakka” and “Groovy Baby” with Yosi switching between saxophones, clarinet and flute as the mood built and the compositions moved between fusion and funk, Latin and World.

With pianist Caroline Cooper tunefully addressing the keyboard of the Pheasantry’s Steinway Grand and bassist Johnny P serving up some funky bass lines the room was soon treated to some dazzling vocals from Lonette Charles on “Take My Place” and “Slow Down”, from the band’s second album ‘Singularity’. Momentum had the audience buzzing with enthusiasm for their second set with more numbers from the new album including “Campari Waltz”, “Hello Helsinki” and the tango influenced “Captain’s Cry”, showcasing the talents of guitarist Paul Viski and drummer and percussionist Lyn the Skin. As the evening finished the momentum was certainly with the crowd in more ways than one as they drifted off appreciatively down King’s Road, knowing they had been treated to a very special night’s entertainment."

Larry Pryce (Writer, Broadcaster & Musicologist)

Band Lineup

Yosi Marshall (saxes, flute and clarinet)

Johnny P (bass)

Lonette Charles (vocals)

Caroline Cooper (keys)

Paul Viski (guitar)

Lyn Edwards (drums)