Jazz Divas 2019

Sarah Gillespie

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Last Show: Friday 8 th March 2019

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Anglo-American singer songwriter Sarah Gillespie opens our Jazz Divas 2019 Series following the release of her acclaimed new and fourth album 'Wishbones'. Gillespie's vivid, magic-realist lyrics have always distinguished her as a formidable storyteller. Here her dual nationality plays out in the telling of tales from both sides of the Atlantic from the North Dakota Pipeline crisis and the detention centres of Texas to Brexit Britain caught in anachronistic nostalgia.

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"Haunting tunes and striking lyrics…yearningly pretty and bitter sweet"

The Independent

As with all of Gillespie's work, the political is meshed with the personal. Love songs You Win and Wishbones what London's Metro described as her 'lyrical dark romanticism and punkish attitude’. One song is just a matter of logistics, realpolitik and some funky gymnastics, whilst another depicts the human compulsion to blame a singular outside force for everything we don't like in life, with another, based entirely from Gillespie's daughter's nursery reports, reveals the inner world of a toddler where kingdoms are conjured.