The London Latin Collective featuring Hetty Loxton

Latin Rhythms Reimagined: A Jazz Journey from Spain to South America

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Step into a mesmerizing fusion of tradition and innovation as we present 'Latin Rhythms Reimagined', a captivating jazz show that takes you on a musical odyssey through the enchanting worlds of Boleros, Bossa Nova, and classic songs from Spain and South America. Experience the soulful melodies and fiery rhythms of Latin jazz, where modern interpretations breathe new life into timeless classics. Join us for an unforgettable evening of passionate performances that bridge the gap between old and new, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Latin music with a contemporary twist. Get ready to be swept away by the vibrant sounds and infectious energy of this extraordinary musical journey.

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The London Latin Collective is a vibrant ensemble that brings together talented musicians from Spain, Brazil, and a multilingual British singer, Hetty Loxston. Their paths converged in London, where they embarked on their musical journeys and created a unique and delightful fusion of Latin music.

With a mesmerizing blend of Cuban rhythms from the heart of Havana, soothing Bossa novas from Brazil, and passionate Argentinian tangos, the band presents an enchanting repertoire. Some beloved Latin standards like "Bésame mucho," "Sabor a mi," "Corcovado," "The Girl from Ipanema," "Mas que nada," "One note Samba," "Quizas, quizás," "Veinte Años," and "Dos gardenias" find a place in their performances.

The quartet consists of piano, guitar, female lead vocals, and percussion, creating an unforgettable musical experience. Javier "Peke" Rodriguez, a prodigious pianist, found early mentorship under the renowned Rafael Orozco. He has performed with international orchestras and founded several groups, enriching his musical journey. Now based in London, he performs worldwide, leaving audiences in awe.

Jansen Santana, a multi-talented musician from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, started his musical career at a young age, influenced by his artist father and singer mother. Currently based in London, Jansen focuses on his solo work, drawing inspiration from his travels and the lively street music of Salvador, Bahia. He has become one of London's most sought-after percussionists.

Miguel Luque, an exceptional Spanish guitarist from Barcelona, is also based in London. He studied jazz music at Leeds College of Music and graduated from Middlesex University. Miguel performs in various bands, showcasing his talents in Latin jazz and Spanish flamenco rumba. He collaborates with world music ensembles, adding depth to his musical journey.

Hetty Loxston, a classically-trained jazz vocalist, received training in the UK and Italy. Her musical journey has taken her across the globe, captivating audiences in various countries. Fluent in Italian and adept at singing in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Hetty infuses her performances with an international flair.

Together, the London Latin Collective weaves a tapestry of Latin rhythms, harmoniously blending their diverse backgrounds and musical influences. Audiences are enchanted by their vibrant performances, making each show a celebration of cultural unity through music.

Band Line Up

Hetty Loxston (vocals)

Javier Peke Rodriguez (piano)

Jansen Santana (percussion)

Miguel Luque (guitar)