The Three Degrees

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The Three Degrees are celebrating 50th Anniversary Tour with original members Helen Scott and Valerie Holiday. When you hear the name, The Three Degrees, you immediately think of their most famous song, 'When Will I See You Again', and the vision of three beautiful ebony women, perfectly coordinated in both their dance routines and their vocal harmonies. True, 'When Will I See You Again' was a major hit record throughout the world, topping the chart in the U.S.A., the U.K., Japan and most European countries, earning the trio every conceivable accolade at the time — not to mention enough Gold records to make Fort Knox a little envious! More than two decades on, the threesome have retained all three of their major qualities — their beauty, their sparkling choreography and their precise vocal qualities. And, in between, they have amassed an impressive list of hit records. 

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The Three Degrees are an American female vocal group, formed in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group has remained a trio with 2 original members since Sheila Ferguson left many moons ago. A firm favourite with Prince Charles, as they sang at his 30th birthday party and were guests at his wedding to Princess Diana.

The Three Degrees are well known for their soulful voices, beautiful gowns, and fabulous stage shows. They are known all around the world for songs like 'When will I see you again', 'Dirty Ol' Man', 'Take Good Care Of Yourself'. They have been continuously touring for more than 40 years and still touring to this day. The Three Degrees are Helen Scott, Valerie Holidayand Freddie Pool.


A former member of a Drifters line up having performed alongside former long standing members of The Drifters, such as Ray Lewis, Billy Lewis, Butch Leak and Roy Hemming’s at various times. 

His solo tribute to The Drifters celebrates the music and songs of a splendid era. Songs of Ben E King, & The Drifters, He relights the magic of that splendid era, breathing new life into fabulous songs such as Saturday night at the movies, Under the Boardwalk, Spanish Harlem, Stand by me, Up on the roof, plus many more.

He is  delighting audiences with his nostalgic choice of some of the Best Songs ever written.