Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

"Incendiary vocal, guitar and organ work" - Ed Mitchell, The Blues Magazine

Vibrant and melodic, funky rocking blues featuring Hammond-organ, drums, guitar and vocals. Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion refresh the blues genre with eclectic arrangements, virtuosic playing and vocal prowess. Expect an exciting live set based around rootsy original songs, strong catchy riffs and exciting grooves; they mix old school tradition with contemporary verve and sophistication. Zoe’s dynamic and commanding vocal delivery and interpretive ability is complimented by the unmistakable and inimitable touch and flow of Rob Koral-guitar; together with the highly accomplished rhythm section of Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ and Eddy John-drums they bring massive musical authority and the ability to push the music in unpredictable and exciting directions. 

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“A great band. Terrific musicians all four of them”

Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

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“Innovative spark, virtuoso playing and a dare-devil attitude” – Get Ready to Rock Magazine 

“This is a band of exceptional quality, fronted by the stellar vocals of Zoe Schwarz; you really shouldn't miss the opportunity to enjoy them” - Live Review, Arlington Arts, Newbury Times

The first Blue Commotion gig in February 2012 was a culmination of a ten-year musical partnership between Zoë Schwarz and guitarist Rob Koral. Through their intense musical journey and compatible desire, they developed a perfect collaboration and empathy, which, when analysed, comes from two completely different starting points. Because of this melting pot of musical diversity, there is a depth and uniqueness to the band's music, which is hard to pigeonhole and categorise.

Into the mix comes the sheer virtuosity of each of the band members who are allowed the freedom to express their musical authority, and stamp their own personal magic to the song writing of Zoë and Rob. A testament to this chemistry is the sheer volume of music coming out of the band, and CHAMELEON was the band’s seventh album in eight years as at April 2020.

Zoe and Rob are a “nationally regarded couple, it tells in the power and professionalism of their performance…”.   Their regular Rhythm section is; Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ (Wonderstuff, John Ethridge, Nigel Price, Theo Travis, Filthy Six and more), and Eddie John-drums (Pee Wee Ellis, Jim Mullen, Stackridge, Digby Fairweather, Tina May and more).

Zoë 's unique, yearning vocal style is blended with Rob's ability to come up with catchy vibrant riffs and musical arrangements, which stretch the term 'blues' and keep it moving forward so as to be relevant for our current times. There is no ridged musical template for Blue Commotion, the only stipulation is that it feels good, tastes good and sounds good. The band pride themselves on filling their 'live' and album sets with original music.

They have made a considerable impact this last decade and is one of the bands that have added a fresh approach and vibrancy to the UK Blues scene, receiving awards and nominations including finalists in the UK Blues Awards with Female Vocalist, Band, and Album of the Year, several times.