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Dave O’Higgins Quartet 'Take The Coltrane'

part 2

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Last Show: Tuesday 10 th October 2023

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Dave O’Higgins, one of the UK’s greatest living tenor saxophonists, brings his own unique musical authority to this concert, playing the music of John Coltrane, the greatest, most innovative and creative tenor saxophone maestro of  20th Century jazz. Whilst John Coltrane departed more than fifty years ago he remains more alive than ever. His sound continues to grab the ears of an ever-widening circle of fans. His legend is stone solid: planted firmly in our culture as that of any 20th century musical giant. His saxophone sound—brooding, searching, dark—is still one of the most recognisable in modern jazz. His influence stretches over styles and genres, and transcends cultural boundaries.

“O’Higgins plays with quite exceptional fluency and his fund of ideas never Runs Out”

The Observer

Evoking the memories of some of John Coltrane’s masterpieces, Dave O’Higgins, who has delighted sold out Dean Street audiences with his masterclass performances of many great tenor saxophone players, returns, with his trio capturing many great Coltrane moments.

This “Take the Coltrane” concert, named after the blues he played with Duke Ellington, covers the early Prestige years through “Blue Train” and the feared “Giants Steps” era with its harmonic explorations, on to  the live Village Vanguard moments such as “My Favourite Things” to the meditative spiritualism of “Love Supreme” and “Dear Lord"

Joining Dave is his regular trio of Sean Fyfe -piano,  Jeremy Brown -double bass  & Josh Morrison – drums

This is a concert for lovers of good music who want to experience today’s expression of the wonderful music of John Coltrane

Band Line Up

Dave O’Higgins (tenor saxophone)

Sean Fyfe (piano)

Jeremy Brown (double bass)

Josh Morrison (drums)