Demian Dorelli 'Pink Moon Through My Window'

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Last Show: Friday 7 th July 2023

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Pianist and composer Demian Dorelli presents both his solo albums for the Ponderosa label in one special concert. 'Pink Moon' reinterprets the classic Nick Drake album in a musical dialogue between past and present. (The original version of Pink Moon was recorded just round the corner from The Pheasantry Chelsea, and Demian grew up nearby). 'My Window', Demian's latest album, offers a musical view inspired by "window paintings" - pictures showing a view from a window. Demian's initial inspiration was David Hockney's digital drawings of Yorkshire, but his inspiration goes wider, taking in Vermeer and beyond and creating new music.

Demian Dorelli has always had music in his soul. From listening to JJ Cale and Pink Floyd as a baby while he slept in the back of a speaker, to composing his own music on a synthesizer and drum machine in his bedroom. Influences range from Keith Jarrett, Madness, Tchaikovsky, Einaudi, Herbie Hancock, Arvo Pärt and opera.

He’s most comfortable at the piano though and, in 2021, released Pink Moon, A Journey on Piano, reinterpreting and paying homage to Nick Drake’s classic album.  The album was produced by his long-time friend and collaborator, Alberto Fabris. The two have played in several bands together over the years and Alberto has produced all Demian’s recordings, including his upcoming album My Window, inspired by the window paintings of artists such as David Hockney, Vermeer, and Menzel.