Esk ‘People In Their Simplicity’

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Northern neo-soul duo Esk perform their debut album People In Their Simplicity at PizzaExpress Live Holborn this April. Known for their ‘beautifully-crafted songs of deceptive simplicity’, emerging artists Evie Hill and Ben Lawrence combine the rural soundscapes in which they grew up with the jazz influences they discovered later in life. Heavily influenced by D’Angelo, Moonchild, Bon Iver, and J Dilla, audiences can expect a night of neo-soul drum grooves, subtle vocals, head-nodding basslines and uplifting solos. 

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"a refreshing debut album, with beautifully-crafted songs of deceptive simplicity. Esk captures the spirit of contrasts sitting side-by-side. It’s reassuring to hear such confident new music created by young creatives with a clear sense of purpose."

Steve Mead, Artistic Director, manchester jazz festival

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Northern neo-soul duo Esk is vocalist/songwriter Evie Hill, and pianist/producer Ben Lawrence. Their distinctive and compelling debut album People In Their Simplicity was released in September 2023, combining the rural soundscapes in which they grew up with the jazz influences they discovered later in life. Following sold-out performances at the Vortex Jazz Club and PizzaExpress Live Holborn in 2023, the duo will be touring their album throughout 2024.

Esk owe their name to an area in Cumbria, where the duo wrote and recorded most of their debut album. The name also pays homage to the artists who have heavily influenced them, such as D’Angelo, Moonchild, Bon Iver, and J Dilla. Their style is ‘esque’: it captures these influences with a sense of longing and yearning that permeates their music. Evie’s lyrics explore the conflict between expectation and reality; Ben’s production combines electronic and acoustic elements which synthesise opposing musical worlds.

People In Their Simplicity is an album of contrasts: rural and city life, the conflict between fear and desire, the blurred line between tradition and the new. This synthesising quality is Esk’s superpower, giving their music a nostalgic air whilst refreshing the neo-soul and jazz canon.

With performances at PizzaExpress Soho, Newcastle Jazz Cafe, Jazz Cafe Posk, DJAZZ and Durham Cathedral behind them, the duo will be touring in 2024.

Band Line Up

Evie Hill (vocals)

Ben Lawrence (piano)

Mikey Young (drums)

Ollie Bailey (bass)

Alex Wardill (woodwinds)