Sessions58 Rise Special Edition

Ilana Lorraine + Oriana Curls + Ivanmore + The Big Noise Project + Isobelle Austin

Plus Valentina Keys + Charmain Elliott

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Ilana Lorraine brings you a special edition of Sessions58 Rise at The Pheasantry as a celebration of life through music where she will take you on an enchanting sensory journey towards self love and connection through song of her own and with a line up of independent artists she carefully handpicks with their own magic. 

Come join us this April for Sessions58 Rise featuring Oriana Curls, Ivanmore, Valentina Keys, Isobelle Austin, The Big Noise Project and our Sessions58 House musicians directed by James Tony Bennett.

Early Bird Price ends 25th March.


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Ilana’s music is hauntingly beautiful. It stirs the soul, the mind, and plucks ever so gently at the heartstrings. Her transformative lyrics and soulful distinctive voice awaken the senses, provide hope and evoke courage.

Her internal message determined to keep love alive, a prayer to encourage hope, an inner mantra to call to the heart for self-love and connection.

Reputable for building community, Ilana is featured by The Beatles Biographer, Hunter Davis in his book “The Heath” following her Lockdown initiative “The Fairytale” in Hampstead Heath where she created a safe haven and connection for passersby, performing daily across the lake.

Ilana will be performing songs from her forthcoming project “The Light Within” which is due to be released as an immersive show and album in Summer 2024


The Ivanmore sound is intergenerational. A London based Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist of Neo Soul, Traditional Soul and Funk flavours. Ivanmore takes influence from artists from back in the day with a mission to spread a message of love and groove whilst slow jamming the crowd with that falsetto.


Oriana Curls Oriana is a jazz, French chanson and cabaret performer, born and raised in France with multicultural roots, she relocated to the UK ten years ago and has since established herself internationally as a performer in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Carlton in Cannes, in the Middle East or at the Edinburgh festival. Her new EP 'Curlsworld', explores new electronic sounds and leads her towards new musical adventures


Odessa born, British-raised Valentina Keys fuses her Russo-Ukrainian routes with Western to create a unique musical blend of songs that makes your heart sing and leaves your soul shaken and stirred. Hauntingly James Bondesque music that tags at your heartstrings and cinematic songs that take you on a journey. With two albums already available on all platforms she is working on new releases and gigging around London.


Classically trained cellist, Isobelle Austin, believes in the transformative power of music. She is currently working towards her first EP. As someone with synesthesia - she sees colours, textures, patterns & shapes when she hears music - Isobelle’s compositions are largely influenced by the colours and visual fields she experiences through music, combined with stories and emotions. Isobelle was awarded a prestigious Bach prize for her classical playing, and has worked for artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli and Robbie Williams. She records for film, TV and brand campaigns. Isobelle's playing reflects her passion for and enjoyment of the cello in all its diversity.


The Big Noise Project. At The Big Noise Project, we're all about energetic, theatrical experiences that push the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Say goodbye to boring covers and hello to mind-altering arrangements that'll blow your socks off! Forget about auto tuned vocals and digital beats – we're bringing back the raw energy of live music with real instruments and unfiltered talent. So buckle up, because we're about to make a BIG NOISE, and you won't want to miss it!


Singer/songwriter and international recording artist, vocal coach, artist developer, artist manager, show host and Keynote speaker. The 1st ever BBC Gem Award Winner 2003 for Best Female Newcomer for her first ever solo album: “Don’t Blame It on The Past”, Winner by public vote for title track: “He Stood With Me.