James “Biddie” Biddlecombe

'Songs for Europe'

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Thursday 19 th July 2018

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

After a spectacular sell-out return to the cabaret stage at The Pheasantry in January and February this year, James “ Biddie” Biddlecombe struts his stuff once again in an evening of magical musical mayhem, high-flying flamboyance with the dramatic, the funny and the fabulous combining outrageous pop spoofs, through jazz to heart-rending ballads and beyond.

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“Playful, passionate and always perfectly in tune, this is an evening to stimulate the mind and soothe the soul” - Clarke Hayes

“The singer’s versatile vocal chords are a legend…..He sings everything beautifully and interprets the numbers with as much attention to the lyrics as old style performers like Noel Coward or Marlene Dietrich…. The material is a mixture of daft comedy, satire and frankly rude. Some bawdiness and double entendre, some silly but poignant. All of them greeted with joy by the audience” - Aline Waites, remotegoat.com

"Menthol-cool vocal stylings" 
Simon Doonan, Author of 'Beautiful People’

"He hones in like a sequinned Exocet”
Sue Heal 

"Great panache...distinctly chic...unabashed and a sharp line in banter."
arah Howell - THE OBSERVER 

"Baroque 'n' Roll...multi-faced flamboyance....sings everything from Jazz to Purcell."
Elizabeth Hilliard - EVENING STANDARD

Slick, well presented ...musical skill with panache.... pure entertainment...magic."
Michael Griffiths - TIME OUT

Simon Doonan author of  'Saturday Night Fever Pitch', 'Beautiful People', 'Eccentric Glamour' and 'The Asylum' writes:

 “James Biddlecombe… J’accuse!
As I listen to the menthol-cool vocal stylings of James Biddlecombe, I cannot help but marvel at the paradoxes which enrobe the persona of this truly mysterious performer. A question forms in my mind: How can someone who sounds so innocent and so pure be so horribly guilty of so horribly much? Guilty? yes, guilty, I say, beyond a shadow of a doubt!
The list of James Biddlecombe’s heinous crimes is a long one:
He is guilty of having entertained large groups of people in locations as diverse as sunny Ibiza and rainy Chipping Norton.
He is guilty of having made people chuckle until their foundation garments popped. (And that was just the men!)
He is guilty of having sat on people’s laps - uninvited no less! - while he sang to them.
He is guilty of having used his voice - that ethereal God-given instrument of his - to titillate and mesmerize.
He is guilty of having upstaged both Blossom Dearie and Eartha Kitt, even though both chanteuses were thousands of miles away at the time.He is guilty of having an award-winning voice which has never actually won any awards, but should have.
He is guilty of having attired himself in tantalisingly suave suits in shockingly bright colours.
He is guilty of having allowed his audience to forget the trials and tribulations of their unspeakably dreary lives.
He is guilty of having replied, “Madam, I'd love to!” when once asked by drunken toothless crone to sing “Fly Me to the Moon”. 

In short, James is guilty of criminal vocal fabulosity!”