John Law’s Re-Creations

‘Many Moons’ London Album Launch

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

The idea is simple: play the world’s best-known melodies and see how creatively we can re-invent them, while staying true to the original tunes. That way audiences always feel part of the creative process, while we musicians can have lots of fun! So besides classic works like Miles Davis’ So What you’ll hear a raucous take on U Can’t Touch This, a highly rhythmic Smoke On The Water, a mash-up of Mama Mia with Pachelbel’s Canon, a breathtakingly beautiful re-working of the theme from The Deerhunter and Eye Of The Tiger in 15! Featuring, with John Law’s piano, Parliamentary Jazz Award Winner saxophonist Sam Crockatt, and a rhythm section boasting the strength of bassist Henrik Jensen alongside the new firebrand on the drums Alex Goodyear.

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“Only in Re-Creations could Debussy be followed by Deep Purple! One of the best jazz performances I have seen…even the most familiar of material sounds fresh and exciting.”


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John Law (One of the UKs most imaginative and versatile jazz pianistsInternational Piano Magazine, 2014) presents Re-Creations: creative arrangements of some of the world’s most familiar music.

The idea is simple. We take some of the best-known tunes from all genres - jazz, pop, indie, rock, folk, classical sometimes - and re-create them, finding new arrangements and new angles to present them. Sometimes just spontaneously re-inventing them. But no matter how free and inventive we get, no

matter how complex and intricate the arrangements become, audiences everywhere always feel part of the creative process, because they know the tune and recognise it when it comes back. This is art music played, by highly skilled musicians, where audiences don’t feel excluded. They are an integral part of the evening and the whole experience.

The current new repertoire includes a baroque arrangement of Fly Me To The Moon, a raucous version of U Can’t Touch This, an arhythmic take on Smoke on the Water, a gorgeous re-working of Moon River, a breathtakingly beautiful version of Cavatina from The Deerhunter, House Of The Rising Sun as a deeply hypnotic groove and Eye Of The Tiger in 15! We’ve even managed to combine two tunes from different centuries, mashing up Mama Mia with Pachelbel’s Canon!

Featuring UK Parliamentary Jazz Award Winner saxophonist Sam Crockatt, Danish bass player and composer Henrik Jensen and a new young powerhouse on the UK jazz drumming scene: Alex Goodyear.

The Re-Creations project has produced four amazing albums and the latest, ‘Many Moons’ (33JAZZ296) is being promoted at this London show. The current line-up has toured throughout the UK and in mainland Europe and two more European tours are being planned for later this year and next.

Come along and experience the deeply familiar made refreshingly new!

Band Line Up

John Law (piano)

Sam Crockatt  (sax)

Henrik Jensen (bass)

Alex Goodyear (drums)