Katy Jungmann’s (K)now Straition

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Sunday 24 th March 2024

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

This album performance of “(K)now Straition” by Katy Jungmann is a mix of melodic ideas and tunes she put together in Lockdown. She joins the excellent Roberto Manzin who plays saxes and clarinet. Expect warmharmonic horn tones and some free playing, Latin beats and textural bass. It’s a unique jazz experience. Technical excellence, buoyant performances, lots of synergy and the whole thing with a Brazil/New York feel: cool, unpretentious and smokey! The energy will be high and you will want it to keep going after the last tune has been played.

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 Katy says: influenced by all the music I’ve listened to. This album was an indulgence. It is just the beginning of the story.”

 The album showcases Katy Jungmann’s simple, expressive approach to Jazz. She comes from a family of musicians and has studied many instruments since her childhood. This album captures her saxophone musicianship, effortlessly made and grasping the beauty of the instrument.

The tracks were written and released in Lockdown,,a time when many musicians had time to think. It’s not a classic Jazz album, it’s more a funky, groovy chain of melodies that move on you and express joy, melancholy, hopefulness, and fun…

Katy says “I didn’t start out trying to write any particular kind of music. I was relying on myself, maybe for the first time, (literally) no band in the room, just me. I started out writing from my many past, false starts. Then I contacted dancers to see if they could film themselves to the music as part of my Dance4Music collaborative project. Of course the composition took over. Who knew where it would end up. The music came to life.”

Katy has formed a new and very vibrant collaboration with Roberto Manzin. She says, “Roberto has for a long time been one of my favourite saxophonists. When he told me he wanted to play with me on the album, I was over the moon. After having played other people’s music for many years, it is inspiring to work with others to play my music and create such beautiful sounds.”

Since 2020 Katy has released four more albums. The latest is a live recording of her collaboration with a string quartet, developed with support from Help Musicians.

Band Line Up

Katy Jungmann (saxes)

Roberto Manzin (saxes & clarinet)

Andres Pellegrino (drums) 

Mao Yamada (bass)