Luchi 'Alien Girl'

Album Launch

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Last Show: Monday 10 th January 2022

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Retro soul in a modern body, Luchi defines her music as: "Soul to the core, R&B in the stomach, Jazz as a spray of perfume and Gospel all around; Vintage Pop". Luchi is on a constant search for the inner complexity of all simple things; like the feeling of falling in love, the feeling of being alone or the search to belong. She does it with her songs and by doing that, she creates a sense of community around emotions that everyone experienced deeply, at least once in their lives. In this gig, Luchi will launch her first album: 'Alien Girl'. Recorded with a close team of musicians, it tells the story of leaving her ‘italian world’ in order to move to London and make music.

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"Love her voice, her drive and her honesty. One to watch for sure"

Fiona Ross

Luchi grew up surrounded by music, taking piano and singing lessons and writing songs from the age of 10. She learned to use her voice singing the songs of powerhouses such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Nina Simone and was inspired by Soul and Jazz composers throughout her whole development. 

After many years of working in the Italian music industry, Luchi arrives in London in 2018 to share her own life experiences very openly with the audience. During her performance, Luchi uses her raspy and airy vocals  to reach out and allow others to emotionally engage with her stories and relate them to their own lives.

Main influences arise from artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Jorja Smith; strong inspirations for her style.

After releasing her two singles: “Thank You For The Fire” and “Care For You” in the second part of 2021, Luchi releases her first album “Alien Girl” on the 10th of January 2022. A loyal representation of the live performance, that mixes her influences from R&B and Soul, with Funk and Gospel. 

Band Line Up

Luchi (lead performer)

Charles Bioul (bass)

Evin Durkin (guitar) 

Tom Gilbertson (drums)

Adrian Valia (keys)

Davide Ventimiglia, Francesca Guerra (backing vocals)