Maddy Rose & Michael Amadi

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Piano Lounge (Covent Garden)

Two exceptional talents are coming together for an unforgettable evening of Vintage Soul/Pop music infused with Jazz and Blues. Maddy Rose, a captivating singer/songwriter from Vienna renowned for her emotive voice and soulful piano skills, collaborating with Michael Amadi, an esteemed Singer/Songwriter and Composer from Florence, Italy. Known for his virtuosic piano performances and elegant, soul-stirring vocals, Michael Amadi is a resident pianist at prestigious venues such as The Savoy, The Dorchester, and The Four Seasons in London. This exclusive collaboration between Maddy Rose and Michael Amadi promises an evening of enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, a mesmerizing fusion of vintage charm and modern flair, delivered with finesse and passion.

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Maddy Rose possesses a compelling and soul-stirring vocal prowess, complemented by her soulful piano compositions. She curates a distinctive Vintage Soul/Pop genre infused with the rich tapestry of Jazz and Blues influences, delivering a modern soul experience guaranteed to evoke euphoria and optimism.

At the age of 18, Maddy embarked on a transformative journey to London, where she spent four formative years honing her craft. Amidst over 150 live performances at various events, open mics, and esteemed music venues, she became deeply entrenched in the dynamic London music scene, shaping her musical sensibilities. Beyond notable appearances, including commanding the stage at known festivals in Austria and captivating audiences on TV-shows in Vienna, Maddy Rose cherishes intimate concert settings while continuously cultivating her artistry through the creation of new compositions. 

Having found her artistic haven in Vienna, Maddy Rose extends her passion for music by hosting her own songwriter showcase, "Ever Artist," providing a platform for fellow musicians to share their craft and connect with audiences in an intimate setting.

Michael Amadi is an exceptional Singer/Songwriter and Composer hailing from Florence Italy. An outstanding virtuoso pianist who possesses an elegant soulful voice, Michael is a resident pianist at some of the top hotels in London including The Savoy, The Dorchester, The Four Seasons and The Westbury. Moreover, he is a resident vocalist and lead pianist at the Simpson’s in the Strand and is known for his charming performances and elegant presentation. Michael has performed in front of several celebrities including Chris Martin, Rod Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Kings of Leon, and Gary Oldman.

He also recently performed for the Lord’s Taverners at The Getty Wormsley Estate. With such exquisite talent, Michael spent time performing an original composition with the Royal Philharmonic at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019. He is also known for working with the London Community Gospel Choir and has been featured on BBC Music where he was introduced as the artist of the week and labelled the one to watch.

A phenomenal composer, Michael worked With Freya Ridings, composing the orchestral arrangement for her Lost Without You. This was performed at the Royal Albert Hall to mark The Festival of Remembrance in 2020. He was also the composer of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for The Schnoz. Michael can be found on Spotify where his hit singles Ticket to Escape, Falling for U, Tangible Love, Show Me Love and One More Time are featured.

Furthermore, Michael is the Founder of OneOrchestra, an innovative pop strings group, that combines some of the finest musicians from around the world and creates sensational music. Now Michael is available to hire to perform at your special event, where his soulful voice and dazzling piano skills will create a luxurious ambience that will wow guests.