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Trans-Rhythm Express #1

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Wednesday 2 nd October 2019

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

You are all invited to join us for a one-way trip to Malphino Republic, the tropical music land where grooves are luscious and vibes heart-warming. Dance shoes on your feet, appetite for quality notes strongly encouraged, and desire to spend a fun-filled evening more than welcomed; we will take care of the rest by hosting on stage a unique band. Malphino are indeed a one-of-a-kind ensemble, embracing the Latin tradition, as well as the South-East Asian one, and welcoming on board cumbia and vintage psychedelic rock, Peruvian with Brazilian samba, Japanese influences, and Caribbean. Malphino are multiculturalism in its purest form and musicianship at its best. 

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“Visit Malphino is a gentle, beguiling travel advert for Neverland, a place where the dancing never stops.”

New Internationalist

Despite having released their debut album, titled Visit Malphino, less than a year ago, the London-based eight-piece band has already spread their notes and had people dancing to them all around the UK and beyond. Furthermore, they are one of those rare cases where the hype surrounding the name of the band is entirely deserved. The reason has to be found in the passion they put into their performances and the tasteful musical blend they have refined.

If, on one hand, they will inspire you with their back-to-the-roots approach, reviving some of the most traditional aspects of Latin American traditions, on the other, they will have you excited for their exoticism and up-tempo attitude.

Book a seat on the PizzaExpress direct flight to Malphino island, bag your Rhythm Passport, and get ready to sunbathe in warm and uplifting sounds. 

Start packing for a Round The World music journey, and don’t forget your Rhythm Passport at home.

Band Lineup

Alex Maglalang
Marie Merlet
Julian Arenas Valencia
Joe Carvell
Bruce Beach
David Aird
Yu Sato
Axel Oliveres (to be confirmed)