Mitch Winehouse Live

in Aid Of Amy Winehouse Foundation

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Performing in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Mitch Winehouse brings his great love of jazz, swing and bossa nova classics back to PizzaExpress Jazz Club. Showcasing his two albums 2010’s ‘Rush Of Love’ and 2014’s ‘But Beautiful’, Mitch has performed all over the world with his remarkable band raising money for the charity set up in his daughter’s name. Exploring the classics, he shares the great songs that he and Amy loved, reviving his first career as a young singer around London clubs. A true aficionado of the form, expect classics from Sinatra to Jobim with a bit of Justin Timberlake thrown in for good measure.

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For some it is marathon running, or riding a bike, others climb mountains, but for Mitch Winehouse fund raising goes back to his roots his love of singing.  Wherever he sings around the world,all the proceeds go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation ( set up in his daughter Amy’s memory to help disadvantaged young people.

In 2011, Mitch Winehouse released his debut album, 'Rush Of Love’ and it told a fascinating story.  Mitch and Amy poured through the records they loved - jazz, big band and swing classics that laid bare the roots of the Winehouse musical DNA, the connection between the music that Mitch's East End upbringing drummed into him, which he handed onto his own children. 

The press was surprised, "The temptation to dismiss it as a vanity project falls away in the face of what is actually an accomplished piece of work," wrote the Daily Telegraph.

Mitch released his second record, 'But Beautiful' on his daughter's Lioness label, three years after her tragic death, this time in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.  Produced by James McMillan written by Grant Black with his father, the great lyricist Don Black, contributing a new song, 'Never Too Far From A Song' a big band tribute to the love of music that sits perfectly alongside the classics like ‘Learning The Blues’, 'But Beautiful' and the bossa nova of 'Meditation'.

Mitch has performed all over the world since 'Rush Of Love' - everywhere from the legendary Ronnie Scott's to Joe's Pub in New York where Amy made her US debut and a tour of brazil in 2015. 

His and Amy's hero, the great Tony Bennett has become a close friend and Foundation supporter. When Mitch asked his favourite song, Tony replied with 'But Beautiful.'

Music has helped Mitch and his family through the tragedy of the last few years. Their belief in its power has extended to their charitable work, with the Amy Winehouse Foundation as their full focus, they have invested heavily in music projects.

Vulnerable young people use Amy's studio and are provided a producer and engineer to help develop their skills and confidence for the Amy’s Yard project. There are music therapy rooms funded by the Foundation for severely disabled children.  They have equipped a new music studio at a day centre for young homeless.

Their Resilience Programme For Schools is reaching tens of thousands of children across the UK, educating them about the underlying causes of substance misuse such as low self esteem and peer pressure, and what can be done to prevent it.

Singing for pleasure, for catharsis and for a great cause, Mitch Winehouse and his band provide entertainment from the heart.


Band Lineup

Brian Dee (piano)

Simon Thorpe (double bass)

Duncan Gaffney (drums)

Bruce Adams (trumpet)

Martin Gladdish (trombone)

Colin Green (guitar)

Sam Mayne (sax)