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Laville, once shrouded in musical secrecy, unveiled his soulful prowess on The Voice UK, landing on Team Influenced by a life of studies and travels, his debut album 'The Wanderer' under producers Tristan Longworth and Charlie Perry showcased a unique narrative lyricism. Beyond opening for John Legend, Laville's diverse collaborations echo his versatile artistry. Catch him headlining at PizzaExpress Jazz Club Holborn on April 19th—an unmissable testament to his rising prominence in the soul scene. From secretive beginnings to a force in soul, Laville's journey continues, promising a triumphant future with a new album produced by Jazz supremo Ash Walker.

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"An emerging talent in the capital’s soul scene"

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In a revelation that took center stage in Laville's musical journey, he emerged from the shadows to capture the hearts of audiences on The Voice UK. Joining Team, his soulful performances resonated, marking a significant chapter in his artistic evolution. This experience, juxtaposed with a life filled with studies, travels, and diverse work, played a crucial role in shaping Laville's distinctive sound—a harmonious blend of influences ranging from Donny Hathaway to Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai to Musiq Soulchild.

Navigating the currents of fate, Laville's chance meeting with Acid Jazz luminary Eddie Piller at Soho Radio's Central London studio set him firmly on his musical path. Steering his debut album 'The Wanderer' were the expert hands of producers Tristan Longworth and Charlie Perry, showcasing Laville's deep and narrative lyricism that transcends the ordinary, contributing a bold voice to the soul genre.

Beyond the studio, Laville's musical odyssey has seen him open for Grammy-winning soul icon John Legend and collaborate with a diverse array of artists. As he looks towards the future, Laville is set to headline a show at Pizza Express Jazz Club Holborn on April 19th, promising an enchanting evening of soulful melodies. This performance stands as a testament to his growing stature in the music scene and a milestone in a journey that began with a secret and blossomed into a resonant force in the world of soul.