Rick Simpson's 'Klammer'

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Tuesday 18 th April 2017

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Award-winning pianist and composer Rick Simpson has been no stranger to the heart of the London Jazz scene for many years now, exploring both new and traditional music avenues. With Klammer, he has a group which gives full voice to his ambitious and exciting compositions. The music focuses on through-composition, complex ensemble playing and modern textures and rhythms, though with enough space for soloists to shine and plenty of wit and levity to boot. Rick is joined by George Crowley (tenor saxophone), Mike Chillingworth (alto/tenor saxophones and clarinets), Ralph Wyld (vibraphone), Rick Simpson (piano), Tom Farmer (double bass) and Dave Hamblett (drums). 

"There's a moment at the end of "Unsustainabubble" where an Ellington-esque PLING jumps out of the piano. That says everything about how this music transcends its influences, how it feels new and vital and alive. It's complex, stubborn, surprisingly tender, but above all there's an appetite for mixing things up that comes with a personal awareness of music's history together with a playful irreverence about its future."

Liam Noble

Band Lineup

George Crowley (tenor saxophone)

Mike Chillingworth (alto/tenor saxophones + clarinets)

Ralph Wyld (vibraphone)

Rick Simpson (piano)

Tom Farmer (double bass)

Dave Hamblett (drums)