London Catalan Festival

Sara Pi

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Friday 8 th June 2018

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Sara Pi started working on her solo project in 2008 with the Brazilian producer and musician Érico Moreira. The result was "Burning", a unique and original album that revolutionized the Spanish soul scene. "Break the Chains" was her second album, released in 2015. Now Sara Pi presents L.O.V.E., a new single that serves as a wait for what will be her third album, which is currently recording. L.O.V.E was born with the intention of reflecting a critical but hopeful look at the most unjustifiable crime caused by man: wars.

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Sara Pi (vocals)
Érico Moreira (guitar)
Abel Boquera (keyboard)
Tito Bonacera (bass)
Antonio Torres (drums)