SuRie 'Scrapbook'

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Last Show: Saturday 24 th November 2018

SuRie is of course best known for representing the UK for Eurovision 2018. Her song “Storm” entered the UK top 100 at position 50, the highest Eurovision entry in years, and is still going strong with millions of streams and downloads worldwide. On the back of her successful “Eurovision Unplugged” tour, SuRie embarks on a new concert project, bringing things right back to where she started, at the piano.

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"A masterpiece of sympathetic production"

The Acoustic Club

“Scrapbook” is a collection of songs; the soundtrack to a singer’s personal and creative life. Other than her own music, SuRie performs covers of songs that have been with her since her childhood, from the Spice Girls to Peter Gabriel, from Alan Menken to Eurovision.

Entwined with anecdotal stories of highs and lows; an eclectic range of genres, brought together by SuRie’s unique piano driven singer songwriter style.

SuRie is also busy writing and recording a new full album, the follow-up to her debut album “Something Beginning With …”, and she will bring new, never heard before tracks from this new album.


SuRie (piano & vocals)