The Working Girls of Soho

Saucy Tales of Notorious Women

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Sunday 23 rd July 2023

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Be taken on a wild journey through Soho’s shady past, meet the female whores, club runners and thieves who have been Soho’s beating heart since the 18th Century. A night of song, storytelling and comedy with cabaret singer Josephine and her three piece band. Josephine Pembroke, a Soho veteran, lived and worked in Soho in the 1980s. The show premiered at Edinburgh last year with great reviews.  Josephine perfomed regularly with her cabaret act Pussies Galore in Soho and The Cafe de Paris in the 1990s. 

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“With her tales of Soho’s wild women, from 17th Century madams to Muriel Belcher and Henrietta Moraes (interspersed with her own stories of wild living in Soho in the 1980s). Josephine Pembroke’s show featuring songs from Sondheim to Cy Coleman and Dorothy Field, blows the doors off”

Liz Hoggard, Arts writer Observer, Telegraph & Times

Josephine Pembroke takes you on a captivating journey of discovery meeting the women who made Soho happen, in all it’s seedy splendour. Be introduced  to a host of infamous women who walked the streets of Soho in its heyday. Meet ‘Ma’ Meyrick’, the 1920s nightclub queen; encounter the legendary all-female crime syndicate, The Forty Elephants Gang; engage with street walkers Aristocratic Annie and Sadistic Cindy in a cabaret of comedy, characters, dance, torch songs and show tunes from the roaring 20s to the swinging 60s and into 70s. Josephine is a Soho veteran, who lived in Dean Street in the 1980’s. She embraced the bohemian life carousing in Soho's many disreputable haunts. Josephine described The French House bar as her ‘sitting room.' Josephine and her band fabulous three piece band will take you back to old Soho with joyful and moving songs celebrating the wild women of old Soho, when it was still seedy, yet glamorous.

Band Line Up

Josephine Pembroke (vocalist)

George Webster (piano)

Reiss Ellis Beckles (saxophone)

TBA (double bass)