Tom Waters and Lola Leng

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Tom Waters invites his favourite friends and guests for a special evening of Music - which will not be recreated in the same way again. Waters is a highly accomplished Rhythm and Blues and jazz Saxophone player whom from a young age has recorded and worked with numerous chart-topping bands and rock and roll legends. Tom will be joined by brilliant vocalist, Lola Leng.



“A Fantastic Musician”

Ray Davies

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Tom started his professional career with his father Ben Waters at the humble age of eight, two-weeks prior to actually picking the saxophone up. Tom and his dad spent the next few years touring around the world - some of the highlights were at the glee club in Japan with piano player Keito Siato, and the several years of exclusive touring of Australia and New Zealand just as a father and son duo aswell as with Tim Ries, Bernard Fowler and Chris Jagger.